Friday, March 1, 2013


so here it comes....
Englischer Garten yesterday evening
a bit about Munich and places I love.
I am very fortunate to live in the Altstadt which is the old historic part of Munich and close to the city center. So love to take long walks in the Englischen Garten. The Enlische Garten is what  the Central Park is for New York. Just a green oasis in the city.
You got to see the world famous Eisbach. I you wonder what it is: The worlds one and only river surfing spot. My neighbors are surfers. and every morning they go surfing. Yesterday it had like 30 cm of snow. They dont care!
Go to youtube and search for Eisbach München or Eisbach Munich. you will find some amazing videos.
See the SNOW on the side! 
It was really really cold 

So when I noticed I never took pictures of the Eisbach myselt, I went there yesterday evening after work. And guess what: people surfing. in the freezing cold... 
Not far away from the Eisbach is the RESIDENZ If you want to see crown jewels go there. It is the former royal palace of the Bavarian Monarchs right in the City Center. From the outside it is not as great as maybe Neuschwanstein. Actually it is quite unimposing from the outside. I mean it is still a nice historic building but not as eye-catching. But from the Indside... 

The Antiquarium of the RESIDENZ

It is Munichs Museum of modern Art. Markus and I ♥ going there. Especially on sundays. Admission ist only 1 € then. How great is that. you're not supposed to take pictures of the Andy Warhols and Wassily Kandinskys and all the other great pictures. There are a lot of pictures. But the building itself is a piece of Art. Oh not to forget about all the Design objects... GREAT PLACE TO BE! 

Markus staring at.. 


So this has to be enough for today. But I promise there will be a PART II... maybe about Food...

Friday, February 15, 2013

That's why

So about valentine's day: I am not really sure how to feel about it. I think it is great if you show the people you love your affection. I do not feel so great about overpriced chocolate, flowers and restaurants...

I think real love does not need a special day so last week without any special occasion, I got this

and That's why I ♥ him

Oh by the way: I also got some very sweet flowers for valentine's day and I loved them. so really do not know how to feel about it... 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

peaceful München

I was on my way to work yesterday morning. It snowed and it was just so quiet and peaceful. It felt like all the noise this city usually makes was absorbed by the fresh snowfall...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

cupcake ♥

I am in ♥  with cupcakes. Here in Germany they are still something special. only certain pastry shops have them. so browsed the internet and found some recipes. Most of them were measured in cups/spoons... bummer... I converted them to the metric system but the cupcakes never turned out they way I wanted to. Especially the icing/frosting part... I was about to give up on cupcakes when on of my friends invited me to do a cupcake-workshop with her here in Munich! It was so much fun and the recipes are amazing. I am thrilled. I am officially a cupcake-holic. They are not the typical colourful american cupcakes but never mind...

Monday, February 4, 2013

life lately

There is a lot to catch up since I did not very well on blogging more often...
In December I had a ton of exams so studying was pretty much all I was doing...
Christmas has been busy. I guess for everyone... Back and forth between various Christmas dinners and family members. Good thing Markus family and mine live close together.
I usually have two weeks off during Christmas but this time it was all about giving skiing lessons. Normally I only do one course during winter... so far it's been three... But I met the cutest kids and had a lot of fun. 
But I think I have not slept in one single weekend since Christmas. Always getting up early is a little bit crazy. My inner clock is set on 6.30 am no matter what. 

I also went skiing just for fun with friends....

Next weekend there is no skiing for me and I honestly think I forgot what I usually did on weekends... but I am happy to have some time to catch up with friends and maybe relax a little bit... 
One more thing: I found this very cool app, where you can age yourself... so this is how I am going to look when I am 70 :-)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ski season

So over the last weekends I have been busy skiing. The weather has been really nice. Really lucky!
The pictures are from Pitztal Glacier, Hintertux and Stubai.
Next weekend I am going to spend in the enchanting Val Racines. We go there every year with all the skiing instructors who work in the same ski school as I do. I can't wait!
Fingers crossed for more snow and good weather!
Sad I have to study for the upcoming winter exams the rest of the week. I would be skiing everyday if there wasn't university...

Me (second from right) and some of the other skiing instructors



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tabaluga ♥

On friday night Markus and I watched the musical "Tabaluga und die Zeichen der Zeit" (Tabaluga and the signs of time)
Tabaluga is a little fictional green dragon and has been following me all my life! When I was four years old I saw the first Musical "Tabaluga and Lilli" with my parents.
My dad gave me a little Tabaluga (stuffed animal) years ago after that first show and I still have it.
It has always been my favorite toy. So there is a really strong bond for me between Tabaluga and my dad.
 I even took "my" Tabaluga with me to the hospital on the day my dad passed away.
Markus knew I am in love with everything related to this litte green dragon. He gave me the tickets for Christmas last year.
And on friday, we finally went and saw it. The show had been sold out for about a year.
It was great and pretty emotional for me.
I am not that kind of girl that usually cries during a movie, but this musical was too much for me. Sometimes I miss my dad so much. There was one song when Tabaluga dreamed about his dragon father Tyrion who passed away when he was six. I felt like my dad was sitting right next to me. I am so grateful I got the chance to see it! Best gift ever. Best boyfriend ever.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Little man's birthday and quilting

Jonas and I 

So yesterday we spend the Day with Markus' family. In was a special occasion. This little guy on the pictures here turned three. His name is Jonas and he the son of Markus' cousin Tanja.
He just grabbed my phone and asked: "picture,please?" So we had a fun little photo session and his mom had time for some amazing cake!
It was fun to be back home!

Markus joined us! 

Today I finished the Top of my quilt! Sad  it is not quilted yet but I already like it! Its matching the wall! 

P.S.: Thrid post this month. guess that means no exams yet! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Murderous Dinner

So yesterday evening we did something really fun. To tell the truth two of our friends Junior and Kristina actually were the hosts.

The entire happening  called "Murderous Dinner" (Mörderisches Dinner) and was arranged at Markus and my place since we have the biggest dining table.
A few days earlier we received fancy invitations telling us what role we have to play.
The entire play was set on the Titanic. Therefore we had to dress up according to our roles and the time of 1912!

Countess Anastasia Zobel
I was Countess Anastasia Zobel:
Member of the Russish high    nobility and close friend of the
tsarina of Russia.
I wore a ton of (fake) jewelry and bright red lipstick.

The other roles:
Studying our roles
Kristina: Lady Katelyn Winselet, frigid British widow of timeless beauty.
Junior: Dr.Waterson, close friend of "Herlock Sloames" and medical doctor.
Jenny:The Maharani of Purpur, an exotic Indian ballet dancer.
Flo: Douglas Fitzgerald, the son of the owner of the Titanic.
Markus: Nicolai Rasputin, russian miracle healer and hypnotist.

Junior and Kristina cooked for us and the entire evening was just brilliant. The game was played in three acts and was composed around a murder and the theft of a rare diamont.

Lady Winslet and Dr.Waterson
Nicolai Rasputin! I loved the fake hair  and beard


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quilting...well first of all: Patchwork

Good morning!
Today is "All Saints' Day" (Allerheiligen) in Germany. Here in Bavaria it is a official holiday and I do not have  school.
Since it is gloomy  weather today and I still got headaches I decieded to work on my Quilt!
The Top is almost done! Right now I am working on the seam. At least that is how we call it in Germany!
My beloved boyfriend has to work today (although it is a holiday...). This means I got space and time to make a mess and lay out my sewing things all over the living room!

The Plan is to finish the Top this weekend. My Grandmom  is something like a crafting and quilting champion for me. She will come back to Munich after spending a couple of weeks in Rosenheim, where she grew up.
Then the plan is to decide about the back of my quilt: What kind of fabiric and of course which colour!
My Grandmom does all quilting by hand. I am way to impatient for that, so I am going to give maschine quilting a try... Hopefully it is going to work! But I will let you know.